Bookbinding—Book Repair & Restoration

Past projects have included the conservation of three volumes bearing Chief Justice John Marshall’s signature (owned by a descendent) by constructing a three-compartment, leather-covered box to prevent further deterioration from environmental influences.

Other projects have included the rebinding of a first edition of David Copperfield and several other early printings of Dickens’ works, as well as the rebinding of a 1626 edition of The Scottish Book of Common Prayer and a number of family bibles.

My first commission in Vancouver was to create an archival clamshell box for Reverend John D. McCarty’s Journal—an important document of the City’s mid-19th century history.

The original state of each volume received for restoration is documented with pictures, if appropriate, as is the work done on the volume. These images may accompany the book upon return to the client, if requested.

Book Needing Repair-Restoration

Only archaically safe materials are used and their reversibility is a factor. Advice from the conservation section of the Library of Congress is sought when needed. When requested I can make a custom designed slip case or clam shell box. Fees are based on the extent of the work to be done and will be agreed upon at first. Billing is based on the time required and the cost of materials used and will be quoted as a firm contract when receiving the book. Payment may be made by check or PAYPAL.

The restoration and repair gallery examples are included as a brief overview to demonstrate the wide range of possibilities.